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Mobile applications or apps are gradually making an entrance in mental healthcare. For psychology, they hold the potential to extend the reach of mental health care, but also to improve current psychotherapy. However, there are still thousands of apps in the different app stores available that might be innovative and have added value.

To give you some direction, you will often find new  relevant mental health apps here. The pros and cons are highlighted and you may also find some screenshots. Finally, also a minor disclaimer: an app being listed here does not imply that it has been formally evaluated. You preferably still have to do a background check yourself or use the app at your own risk.


But how would you evaluate whether or not an app could be used in therapy and could actually be recommend to a client? Checklists to determine this might prove to be handy. Two  current solutions are Patientview’s Health apps toolkit (starting from page 29) and the Mobile Application Rating Scale.

App overview

Catch it
Settle Your Glitter
Depression test
The Allen Adventure