I-Positivity is a 4-week standalone intervention. Its goal is to increase the feeling of happiness and wellbeing. The content is based on insights from positive psychology and is currently particularly at recent stroke survivors. The application was developed by the Clinical Psychology research group of the KU Leuven. Currently, the developers are in the midst of a thorough rework of the app. After its re-release, a new review will certainly also follow here.

– Although the app’s initiators are a reliable source, this info is currently difficult to retrieve. On the website of the research group, some background (only in Dutch) is however provided.
– The app only functions optimally when you provide it access to your contacts, calendar, photos, email and text messages. There is also a suggestion to make a Facebook connection and post messages from within the app. This might feel somewhat intrusive.
– The written text is not always presented optimally. Even on fairly large devices, there is therefore still the need for frequent scrolling.

+ If you do allow the app to access all the functionalities (both of your smartphone and of social media) it creates a strong added value.  Assignments given from within the app can for example easily be added as calendar items.  When – according to these calendar items – you should have completed an assignment, the app also automatically notifies you and asks you to briefly write down your overall experience when you performed that tas.
+ A timeline groups all your efforts in a chronological overview.
+ The app settings has a very prominent option to remove all your personal data from the app – in case you wish to – which works effortlessly.


“Although I-Positiviy primarily targets stroke survivors, the apps is relevant for anyone who wishes to follow a stand-alone, basic positive psychology intervention.”

Install the app using the links below, or read more on the use of apps in MHC. Important to note: although the print screens above are in Dutch, the app is also available in English. Temporarily (?) not available for Android.

iOS App Store