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The overview below allows you to search specifically for apps that focus on mental health. Click on a column title to automatically organise the content alphabetically according to 1) name, 2) focus, 3) platform and 4) whether an app is paying or not.

Disclaimer: the applications you find here have not necessarily been formally evaluated. You should always assess the quality yourself, or use an app at your own risk. Is an application you consider to be essential, missing from this list? Then be sure to reach out!

Mirror apptraumawebsiteno
TalkLifepeer supportiOSAndroidno
Breathe2Relaxbreathing / body scaniOSAndroidno
MoodBusterdepressionunder developmentna
SAM appanxietyiOSAndroidno
Breathe, Think, Doproblem solving for childreniOS Androidno
That Dragon Cancerperspectives with canceriOSAndroidyes
Countrcounting tooliOSno
IntelliCarecommon factorsAndroidno
ACT coachACTiOSAndroidno
Companionanxiety & stressiOSno
Catch itdepressioniOSAndroidno
I-Positivitypositive psychologyiOSno
Depression testPHQ-9iOSyes
The Allen Adventureprosocial behavioriOSAndroidno
Depression CBT Self-Help GuidedepressionAndroidno
Operation Reach OutsuicideiOSAndroidno
Recovery Record – cliënteneating disordersiOSAndroidno
Recovery Record – professionalseating disordersiOSAndroidno
Smarter Timetime registrationAndroidno
Oxford MBCTmindfulnessiOSno
Tantrum trackerautismiOSAndroidyes
ReachOut WorryTimeworryingiOSAndroidno
PHOBOS ARspecific fobia – augmented realityiOSyes
ZeroPhobiaVR for fear of heightsiOSAndroidyes
Calmmeditation & sleepiOSAndroid ±
Calmmeditation & sleepiOSAndroid ±
Moodmissionstress, bedrukte stemming & angstiOSAndroid ±
Vital-EQ Respiroguide ProbreathingiOSAndroidyes