Biography & publications



2020 – present: visiting scholar at Queen’s University Belfast 
2015 – present: research fellow at KU Leuven
2014 – present: freelancer at The Human Link
2013 – present: head of the Expertise Unit Psychology, Technology & Society at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences
2009 – 2013: researcher at Policy Research Centre Welfare Health and Family


KU Leuven
2009 – 2013: PhD, Psychology
2004 – 2009: MA, Psychology, Qualified Teacher in Psychology

Professional services

2013 – present: committee member of the Registration commission for psychologists in Belgium
2012 – present: reviewer for several scientific journals
2017 – 2019: convenor of the EFPA Project Group on eHealth
2011 – 2016: board member and head of communications of vzw VVKP

Memberships & current pastime

– registered psychologist: admission number 861111110
– member of the Belgian Federation of Psychologists
– member of the Flemish Association of Clinical Psychologists
– member of the European Society for Research on Internet Interventions
– occasional book and app reviewer

A more detailed bio can be found on LinkedIn or you can read my academic CV.


You may find an overview of my publications below. All postprint articles which I’m allowed to share can be downloaded here, as I’m an avid supporter of open access. If you would like to read one of the articles that is not (yet) available, do not hesitate to contact me.

Peer-reviewed articles

Debard, G., De Witte, N., Sels, R., Mertens, M., Van Daele, T., & Bonroy, B. (in press). Making wearable technology available in mental healthcare through an online platform with stress detection algorithms: the Carewear project. Journal of Sensors.

Best, P., McKenna, A., Quinn, P., Duffy, M., & Van Daele, T. (in press). Can Virtual Reality ever be implemented in routine clinical settings? A systematic narrative review of clinical procedures contained within case reports for the treatment of PTSD. Frontiers in Virtual Reality.

De Witte, N. A. J., Scheveneels, S., Sels, R., Debard, G., Hermans, D., & Van Daele, T.
(2020). Augmenting exposure therapy: mobile augmented reality for specific phobia.
Frontiers in Virtual Reality, 1, 8.

Van Daele, T., Karekla, M., Kassianos, A. P., Compare, A., Haddouk, L., Salgado, J., Ebert, D. D., Trebbi, G. (on behalf of the EFPA Project Group on eHealth), Bernaerts, S., Van Assche, E., & De Witte, N. A. J. (2020). Recommendations for policy and practice of telepsychotherapy and e-mental health in Europe and beyond. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 30(2), 160-173.

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