Settle Your Glitter

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This app by the Momentous Institute aims to ease deep breathing exercises for children, for a number of specific emotions. These are visualised as whirling down glitters in a virtual snow globe.

– The duration of the exercise cannot be chosen in advance and takes on average 1 minute. At that point, you have to chose whether or not you would like to continue.
– After completing the exercise, the remaining intensity of the feeling is evaluated. The automatic response following this evaluation is however independent of the exercise’s result.

+ Children can shake the smart phone to start the exercise: a fun interactive aspect.
+ The puffer fish which visualises breathing looks nice and offers support when conducting the breathing exercises.
+ The amount of glitters varies according to the initial intensity of the emotions children report before starting the exercise.

“Settle Your Glitter provides a fun visualisation of two complex topics: emotion intensity and deep breathing.”


Install the app using the links below, or read more on the use of apps in MHC.

iOS App Store     Google Play


The Allen Adventure

The goal of this app is to stimulate prosocial behaviour and self-regulation. The target demographic are children of age three to eight. The development was realised by the Australian education authorities.
– Only available on tablet, not on smartphone.

+ The therapist can optionally disable the reading voice and read the text aloud him or herself, while still maintaining animation sounds.
+ Easy to use, with well chosen, fun animations.
+ Four different, interactive scenarios each highlight different aspects of prosocial behavior.

“All aspects of this app are just right: the activities are fun en playful, the graphic design is spot-on and the content is certainly relevant for therapy.”


Install the app using the links below, or read more on the use of apps in MHC.

iOS App Store     Google Play