Lectures & workshops

This page offers an overview of scheduled international presentations. For past work, check my CV. Interested in consultancy, training, workshops or lectures? Do not hesitate to get in touch.

13/06/2019 – Belfast (UK)
Immersive technologies and digital mental health

2-5/07/2019 – Moscow (RU)
Poster presentation
– Wearables for mental healthcare: findings from a routine practice implementation study
Oral presentation
– The potential of blended depression treatment: Research protocol for an implementation study
– Phobos AR. An experimental study on the potential of AR for animal phobia treatment
Discussion panel
– E-health: from dystopia to utopia. An EFPA TF on E-health perspective on what we require to better use tech and improve care
– Ethical Digital Health Care
XVI European Congress of Psychology

5-6/09/2019 – Copenhagen (DEN)
Oral presentation
Digital psychological interventions: Recommendations for practice by the EFPA TF on E-Health.
Poster presentation
Exploring the potential of augmented reality as a novel tool for animal phobia treatment.
6th European Society for Research on Internet Interventions

02/11/2019 – Berlin (GER)
Opportunities of eHealth for limiting the burden of ill mental health on society.
Breaking the boundary of possibilities with E-Health tools.
12th European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) conference

Previous work